Career/Vocational Training-How It Works


Via our own in-house programs and/or through collaborations with institutions of higher learning, Huma-Faith EDU ensures educational access to under-served populations- i.e. those least likely to have the financial means to pay for their educational choices or unable to pay the full cost typically associated with the type of courses/trainings we offer. 


We are committed to help adults (young or older) complete their Secondary Education by preparing them in all core subject (Reading & Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) and provide access to our Testing Center (Computer or Paper Based)  and to be able to test at approximately  half the cost of other  testing sites. Moreover, Scholarships or Sponsorships may be available.


Our trained Job Coaches encourage and provide advocacy, social training & resume' writing to demonstrate Job Readiness for those with adequate experiences and possess skills for today's workforce. For those in need training, the same advocacy and social adeptness is directed towards Vocational Skills Training with our partners; e.g. Careers Institute of America

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